Workplace Injury

The Australian Dental Association Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Oral Injuries indicates that certain occupations expose workers to particular oral injuries, whereby such hazards can arise from:

  • Physical impact from work equipment where fracturing of teeth is likely, e.g. riggers
  • Acid erosion where regular exposure of teeth to acidic liquids can cause sensitivity and subsequent dissolution of tooth structure, i.e. wine tasters or chemical workers
  • Tooth abrasion where abrasive dust or particles access the mouth, e.g. miners
  • Strenuous physical activities and sometimes hot conditions which demand high fluid intake - such fluid replenishment should involve liquids and methods of intake that minimise tooth erosion and caries

Should you suffer a workplace related dental injury, we recommend you find an appropriately trained dentist that has strong experience in:

  • Emergency management of oral and dental injuries
  • Work Cover claims
  • Oral Rehabilitation following Workplace injuries
  • Ongoing management of Oral Injuries
  • Legal reports and documentation for workers and workplaces

Contact Adelaide Emergency Dental if you or one of your employees or workmates suffers a dental trauma or emergency on 0437 733 350 so prompt and appropriate attention can be taken to manage the issue in the best manner possible.