Community Involvement

Adelaide Emergency Dental is proud to have a strong presence in the local community through various sponsorships with local organisations and sporting teams:

IHSA & Adelaide Adrenaline




Dental Partner of Ice Hockey SA




Adelaide Bite


Dental Partner of the Adelaide Bite Baseball team



Adelaide Phoenix


Dental Partner of the Adelaide Phoenix Ladies Gridiron League team



Currently we have limited places available for the 2016-17 seasons. We can provide professionally fitted, custom-made laminate sports mouthguards at massively discounted rates as part of our sponsorships. Conditions apply. Contact us to find out more.

Some of the sports we currently have sponorships available for include:

  • Football clubs
  • Netball Clubs
  • Martial Arts Clubs
  • Boxing clubs

We welcome sponsorship enquiries from all sporting teams. Contact us today and let us know about your club.

Player Profiles

Adelaide Emergency Dental is proud to be the preffered supplier of custom fitted mouthguards to the teams that we support. Below are some player profiles/photos from the teams that we support.

Adelaide Adrenaline Ladies Gridiron Team


Introducing the Fearless Phoenix leader, the captain, Elisabetta Del Re! It's easy to see why as a State Champion boxer @boxagirl was nicknamed the "smiling assassin". Whether in the ring or flying on the field she always comes out on top... And with a smile













Whether at home with her children or on the field, this lady is a protector by nature. Nicknamed "the Lioness" @laryssa_adelaide_phoenix protects her Quarterback like one of her cubs. Don't get in her way












A true football brain, this girl knows whether you're going to run or pass even before you do! Introducing JT, don't underestimate her because she's the youngest Phoenix, @jastudor_lgl Has mad skills and the aggression to match!












Here is an athlete that needs no introduction.. One of the Adelaide Phoenix Vice Captains, Lisa Fyfe! An all round athlete, she's tall, strong and runs like a gazelle. The quarterback, the commander of the offence, all eyes will be on @suchisfyfe7










See all of the players profiles and more on the Adelaide Phoenix on their Instagram page



Veteran Leader and Olympic Silver Medalist, Tom Brice, aka Bricey, has the best style when it comes to socks. @BaldBricey is the token bald guy of the team and the teams Designated Hitter with a batting average over 300 every year in the league.











Nicknamed Tolsy, Josh Tols is one of the fiercest Lefty Pitchers in the ABL after receiving Rookie of the Year and Relief Pitcher of the Year in 2014/15. @tolsy21 owes all of his success to 3 gummy worms before each inning pitched.











The Wolf Man, Matt Williams, leads the league in beards AND he is a three time ABL All-Star and has represented Australia at the World Baseball Classic. Matt is also director of Player Pathway and Development for Baseball South Australia.











Ben Lodge, aka Hansel - "So hot right now" - regularly ends games with a walk off that is runway worthy. @BennyLodge represented Australia in the MLB Opening Series against the Diamond Backs and Dodgers in 2013 and 2012/13 ABL Rookie of the Year.











See more player information and the Adelaide Bite schedule for the current season on the team website.